Following the latest developments in technology, in policy and in business CAPIGI 2023 wants to address the changes imminent to agriculture, to cope with the many societal challenges. Agriculture is in transition and technology is considered as a great enabler. For example, How can farms survive in this transition, and how can they adapt their businesses to new conditions. These challenges have led to the theme of CAPIGI 2023: BOTS, BOOTS and BUSINESS.   

The foresights on agriculture all predict a high density of technology. How do we get there? Are the robots really taking over? In all roadmaps, the farmer is still present as a decision maker, but more and more supported by technology. Robots are typically taking over the Dull, Dirty Dangerous and Delicate tasks, but Decisions are taken by the farmer. How will this technology-infused farm of the future look like? And Paying Agencies introduce the Area Monitoring System where they take up the latest innovations in spatial data and data sciences to monitor agricultural performance, and how it will support farmers and inspectors in the field. In this new CAPIGI 2023 we will explore how bots, boots and business work together on dealing with the challenges of agriculture and society of today. And of course, our main perspective is on geospatial technologies that play a crucial role for both digital (bots), human (boots) and enterprise (business) activities.   

Following this theme, we will have many topics, including recent advancements in satellite navigation and earth observation; software, algorithms, and artificial intelligence; digital twins and scenario tools; extended reality; robotic guidance and autonomy – and processing of as-applied maps; sensors, IoT and 5G; monitoring and compliance checks for policies on farm performance and agro-ecological indicators; carbon farming, climate smart agriculture, mitigation and adaptation; digital skills and new generations … and many more!