CAPIGI GeoAgri's Themes

Technology is making remarkable progress and in particular the uptake and use of spatial data
in smart farming leads to new businesses and new business models. CAPIGI GeoAgri 2016 brought 
the latest advancements on:

Theme 1: Mainstreaming precision farming
There will not be many farmers that have not heard about precision farming. However,
the number of practitioners is still behind expectations. Mainstreaming precision farming
is expected to deliver opportunities for policy makers, industry and other stakeholders.
This theme addressed the benefits that precision farming will bring as well as incentives
and barriers for adoption.


Theme 2: The use of ICT and Data in farming
ICT technologies are taking over traditional methods of collecting and using information.
On many modern farms, data collection, storage, analysis and sharing is part of daily
operations. Established agricultural suppliers move into the software business while ICT
also offers opportunities to new entrants. The use of ICT and (big) data in farming is
changing the landscape. In this track we presented and discussed the latest advancements
and innovations.


Theme 3: Advancements in Space Technology relevant for agriculture
Satellite developers and satellite data providers around the world are providing new and
incredible services to agriculture. New Earth Observation opportunities arise, including
hyperspectral and hypertemporal imaging. Europe is moving forward with its Copernicus
and Galileo programmes. This track revealed what satellites have to offer to agriculture
and what is yet to come...


Theme 4: Applications of Drones in agriculture
Agriculture will be responsible for the largest growth in the civil drone market. Applications
go beyond remote sensing and will include precision spraying, robotic arms, shepherding
livestock and more. Regulations are in development and keep the developers and the
operators busy. This theme discussed opportunities and challenges in the application of
drones in agriculture.


Theme 5: Innovations and Future Farming Technologies
This exciting track discussed the innovations and future farming technologies that will 
be expected. Hydroponics, aquaponics, short supply chains, indoor agriculture, urban
farming, satellites, drone and robot management and more. Of particular interest are the
impacts that these future technologies have on how we do agriculture and what it means
for the application of geospatial data.