Focus Group Precision Farming
March 2014

Call for experts participating in Focus Groups of the 

European Innovation Partnership on 

"Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability"

The European Commission is launching a call for experts such as farmers, advisers, scientists and other relevant actors for four new EIP-AGRI Focus Groups. The purpose of a Focus Group is to explore practical innovative solutions to problems or opportunities and to draw on and share experience gained from relevant innovative projects. The group will discuss and document research results and implications for further research activities that will help to solve practical issues in the sector. Such issues may be related to production, processing, consumption, transport or other areas. The group is asked to focus on practical knowledge, dissemination to the sector as well as developing project ideas for Operational Groups.

Deadline of the call: 8 APRIL 2014 ! (right after CAPIGI)

The Focus Groups will begin their work in June-July 2014 and are expected to present their results and recommendations within 12-18 months. Candidates for each of the focus groups below are invited to apply in accordance to the rules set out in this notice for the purpose specified.

Focus Group Themes:
For the current call, experts, including farmers, advisers, researchers and others are invited to apply for participation in focus groups on the following topics:
  • High Nature Value (HNV) farming profitability - How to make HNV farming more profitable without losing the HNV characteristics?
  • Mainstreaming precision farming - How to organise the data capture and processing to mainstream the application of precision farming for an optimisation of inputs and yield?
  • Profitability of permanent grassland - How to manage permanent grassland in a way that combines profitability, carbon sequestration and biodiversity?
  • Fertiliser efficiency – focus on horticulture in open field - How to use innovative fertilisation and nutrient recycling to solve the conflict between the need for crop fertilisation and legislative requirements regarding water quality?

More info can be found on the EIP-AGRI website.