March 2016

The European innovation fund ERANET ICT-AGRI is having its annual workshop as part of CAPIGI-GEOAGRI. The ICT-AGRI network and programme works on precision farming and ICT and robotics applications: ICT and Geospatial data are very much in symbiosis for precision farming. The ICT-AGRI workshop will address the ICT topics of data exchange and open data. Session co-host Henri Holster: "Precision agriculture needs good data and needs good applications". The ICT-AGRI programme is supporting research and innovations to improve farming with ICT tools. In particular to enable precision farming. Henri: "Adoption of precision farming is lagging behind expectations. ICT can help by working on integration and user-friendly systems". Currently the programme finances a very interesting portfolio of challenging projects. More can be found on the ICT-AGRI website. And click to get the brochure with all current projects

The programme of the ICT-AGRI workshop will soon be presented on this website. The programme is in any case very challenging and promises highly interesting speeches!