Chinese-Dutch potato cooperation receives grant support from Dutch Topsector Agri&Food
April 2016

A consortium of leading Dutch potato SMEs was awarded an important contribution of Wageningen University & Research capacity. This contribution was awarded to explore a new business model, in a joint project with Beidahuang Potato Group. Bidahuang Potato Group is the biggest integrated potato starch producer in China. The goal of the new business model is to transfer Dutch potato production expertise and technology, including potato varieties, to large professional potato producers in China.

In this ‘Seed Money Project’, the Dutch participants offer their combined knowledge and portfolio as an integrated agro-portal solution with Geographical Information System (GIS) functionality. This integrated solution will increase yields and reduce the use of fertilizer and pesticides in potato production in China. This is supported by advice from Dutch knowledge and expertise centers.

“The awarding of Wageningen UR capacity by Topsector Agri&Food reflects the commitment of the Dutch government and leading companies in the Dutch potato chain to transfer Dutch potato knowledge and expertise and contribute to an improved and sustainable potato industry in China”, says Epi Postma of Bold & Excellent (B&E) that is involved in supervision of the project. AeroVision is one of B&E’s partners.

B&E bv is a Dutch company that specializes in building bridges between leading Dutch Agri-Food companies and opportunities in China. B&E does this by actively connecting, coordinating and participating in projects, with attention on partners reaching a win-win cooperation and harvesting the maximum potential from opportunities.

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Epi Postma
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