DG-AGRI completes CAPIGI Opening
May 2016

We are pleased to announce that Arie van der Greft of the European Commission, DG-AGRI will speak at CAPIGI! In his speech called "Common Agricultural Policy and Geo Data" mr. van der Greft will introduce the latest developments at the Commission concerning the use of geospatial data for the so-called CAP-declarations. DG-AGRI has a long history in the application of geospatial data and systems. Since 1992 European support through the Common Agricultural Policy is location-specific and farmers need to enter their fields and farms into their National Administration's GIS. While this started as paper work, many European Member States now have online tools that support the farmer in making his annual declaration. By 2018 the EC wants to support the direct payment system with the so-called Geospatial Aid Application. Clearly the digital geospatial data for administration purposes and for precision agriculture have a lot in common.