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The Icon Group is an Interdisciplinary Geo Sciences company. We specialise in Earth Observation, GIS and Spatial Data Analytics.

For over a quarter of a century, our bespoke approach has provided insight and assurance to commercial and governmental agencies across Europe.

We provide, interpret and manage location-based data and imagery, offering answers in support of;

  • Land Use and Cover determination
  • Yield prediction
  • Machine Learned Object Inventories
  • Image interpretation and Analysis



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Since the launch of the first commercial VHR satellite, European Space Imaging has been committed to providing Europe and North Africa with much more than the world’s highest quality satellite imagery. Utilizing their multi-mission ground station at the German Aerospace Center to deliver True 30 cm resolution imagery, the team of geospatial experts are able to bring together unique partnerships,innovative techniques and tailored services to provide solutions for any project.


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John Deere is the global market leader for agricultural machinery and equipment. There is a strong focus on smart farming, which uses satellite systems, wireless communication and big data analytics to increase crop yields in a profitable and sustainable way to feed our growing world population.


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Geo4Agriculture is an online platform focused on highlighting the practical application of geospatial technology – such as remote sensing and location intelligence – in the agricultural sector. The aim is to help agricultural professionals gain knowledge and understanding of how geospatial technology can benefit their business and bring new opportunities.

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The agriculture and food sectors in Ireland account for:
7.6% of GVA at Factor Cost
8.5% of employment
12.3% of total exports

The Irish Government's commitment to the agri-food sector remains strong. In the Supplementary Estimate for 2012, the Exchequer is providing €1.339 billion for agriculture, fisheries and food and public expenditure will amount to over €2.639 billion when the Department's Vote is combined with EU funding of €1.3 billion. The high proportion of expenditure on local raw material and services as well as the dispersed nature and composition of the sector will ensure that the agri-food sector will play an integral part in the recovery of our economic success and the continued viability of rural and coastal areas.

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AeroVision is an independent procurement advisor of (geo-)information.

With our knowledge and experience, we support organisations during the procurement process of geo-information related data or software (mainly). We help our customer to make the deployment of geo-information in decision-making more effective. For each customer request, our experts find the right offer.
Our services will answer the following questions for you:
 How do you ask what you need?
 How do you get what you asked for?
 How do you use what you have got?

With our knowledge and expertise we can control a team independently, yet strongly involved and a fresh vision, and achieve results. Our experts help organisations to innovate and to implement this into the daily work environment. All stakeholders remain involved in this process. After all, they have an interest in the outcome.