Barry Fradkin (biography)            Dimitrios Papadakis (biography)
Barry Fradkin                 Dimitrios Papadakis
Rita Hørfarter (biography)            Dave Benson
Rita Horfarter                 Dave Benson

Advancements in Space Technology Relevant for Agriculture

Advancements in Space Technology

Session Summary

Satellite data remains an interesting but challenging source
of information for agriculture. The sentinel-2 satellite as part
of the Copernicus programme provides great information
that can be used by farmers. Also, the European Commission
is using satellite data from commercial satellites to fulfil its
Control with Remote Sensing activity. The myriad of satellites
we are expecting this decade to be launched and operated
will bring forward a lot more potential to the use of space data.

PowerPoint presentations
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                            Dimitrios Papadakis from CAPIGI