Clive Blacker (biography)            Corné Kempenaar (biography)
Clive Blacker                 Corné Kempenaar
Ulrich Adam (biography)            James Szabo
Ulrich Adam                 James Szabo

Mainstreaming Precision Farming

Mainstreaming Precision Farming

Session Summary

This session shows that awareness creation, knowledge transfer and understanding of individual benefits are important still. Furthermore, simplification and integration of technology will facilitate more farmers to adopt and machine manufacturers and Precision Agricultural machinery manufacturers are aware of this and working on it. Standardisation however, requires patience. Furthermore, the further adoption of VRT in particular must be viewed in the light of big data adoption, resulting in more focus on the software, data storage and analysis part rather than on hardware technology. Click beneath to read the entire session summary.

PowerPoint presentations

*PowerPoint presentation of James Szabo is not yet available

    Corné Kempenaar from CAPIGI

    Ulrich Adam from CAPIGI