Buitenplaats Molenwei

This year CAPIGI will take place at a very unique location. You can almost say we are going back to the roots of where it al starts... At the farm!

About the venue
The former dairy farm at 100 meters from the historic heritage site "Drie Molens" is unique in the area. In the coming years, the agricultural company will transform into an educational and recreational nature farm where city dwellers will be welcomed with open arms. Farmers, neighbors, citizens ... everyone comes together, making this place a breeding ground for new initiatives and sustainable partnerships. The experience and reinforcement of nature are paramount. Themes such as vitality, well-being and personal development are shown off to their best advantage in the greenery here. With the core values of meeting and relaxing, everyone feels free in this place.

The venue is located close to The Hague, Leidschendam and Scheveningen, a must see area when you are in the Netherlands. This unique location is a little bit difficult reaching by public transport but not to worry! CAPIGI will arrange shuttle buses from designated station(s) to get you to the right destination!




Accommodation possibilities
If you are interested in overnight accommodations, there are still a few spots available at the venue itself. This concerns accommodation in a (mobile) caravan. For hotel suggestions please send us an email.

Suggested hotels nearby venue

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Leidschendam-Den Haag

Weigelia 22, 2262 AB Leidschendam | easy to reach by public transport


Holiday Inn the Hague - Voorburg, an IHG Hotel

Stationsplein 8, 2275 AZ Voorburg | easy to reach by public transport


Van der Valk Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp

Gildeweg 1, 2632 BD Nootdorp


How to get to the location
The location is easy to reach by car, a little bit more challenging by public transport. Therefor we have arranged a shuttle service from the trainstation 'Voorburg' who will bring you to the event location.  For more instructions please read below. 

By public transport to trainstation Voorburg
Please check for recent departure times of your train (station) on www.ns.nl.
You need to travel to 'Voorburg' trainstation. Here we have a shuttle bus waiting at the cab stand to take you to the event location. Please note: the shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes from The Hague Voorburg station. The schedule with exact times will follow soon.

By car
The address for navigation: Stompwijkseweg 27, 2266 GC Leidschendam
Or click here for a route description.