In 2022 we could finally organise another live meeting, although troubled by COVID, the small but enthousiastic audience encouraged us to organise a 2023 event as well. If you are interested in the presentations given at the 2022 edition click here.

More and more robots, decision support and artificial intelligence systems enter the fields and farms. In this new CAPIGI 2023 we will explore how bots, boots and business work together on dealing with the challenges of agriculture and society of today. At CAPIGI our main perspective is on geospatial technologies that play a crucial role for both digital (bots), human (boots) and enterprise (business) activities.

SAVE THE DATE: Join CAPIGI 2023 on 8, 9 and 10 May 2023 in the Prodentfabriek located in Amersfoort 'Earth Valley', the Netherlands. CAPIGI 2023 will discuss how data and digitalisation changes the farms of today into Farms of the Future. Get informed about the latest developments in geo-spatial data use, from legal aspects to adoption barriers, from data lakes to human interfaces. CAPIGI 2023 is all about the bytes for Bots, Boots & Business. More info will follow soon!!

Call for speakers

For the CAPIGI conference we are always looking for people from government, science or the work field who can share their experiences and stories with our community.  Are you interested in the theme, and think you can contribute in the form of a presentation? Don't hesitate to contact us. Click on the button below and we can hopefully join forces!


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